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Areas of Expertise

Risk Managment
  • Strategic release and consent forms

  • Communication on-boarding/training

  • Relational development

  • Defensive legal protocol implementation

Qualified Expert Witness
  • As needed in civil and criminal cases

  • Hands on assessment of talent

  • Gauge of passion for industry

  • Personality/attitude compatibility

Retention & Turnover Reduction
  • Increased hourly rates based on qualifications

  • Asset leverage

  • Culture optimization

  • Relational development

  • Relational feedback

  • Team building

Quality Control
  • Anonymous client evaluations of therapists facility and protocols

  • Mentoring/training

  • Relational development

  • CAWS Technique (Comprehensive Attachment Working Stone); Proprietary top tier training

Brand Evolution
  • PR/Marketing Strategies

  • Relational development

  • Customized relational record keeping

  • Rubs4Luvs Campaign

Profitability Optimization
  • Risk Management

  • Quality Control

  • Brand/PR Evolution

  • Employee Retention

Our Approach

There are a myriad of core flaws pervasive in the massage therapy industry. These hinder consistently positive results in operating facilities that offer massage therapy services. Like any industry, massage has it's own subculture, lingo and nuances that are only identifiable by someone with extensive expertise and experience in this field.  As a practicing therapist of over 12 years I have worked and interviewed in a wide variety of circumstances. I have worked in a resort/spa, chiropractor's office and built not only a private clientele but a company focused on identifying highly skilled therapists for facilities that wish to provide the highest quality massage the industry has to offer. As our national culture evolves, so too does the aforementioned elements of the massage industry. Only someone immersed in the massage world grass-roots and ground level is qualified to advise in the appropriate evolution necessary to follow suit. I once heard Steve Battista, the Senior VP of Under Armour say, "You'd better be prepared to evolve your brand or BURY it."

The massage industry norms are archaic and long overdue for a complete overhaul. I am equipped to bring about this revolution to all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the PLC message of reformation. Our process creates a win-win-win scenario for business proprietors, massage therapists and client alike. We look forward to working with you as we continue on this journey towards excellence.

My Approach
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