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Lora P. Lindquist LMBT 15640

Price Lindquist Consulting focuses on optimizing the massage experience of the client, therapist and business proprietor. We accomplish this through strategic risk management protocols, quality control methods, profitability optimization and brand evolution. We draw on the expertise of experienced massage therapists, public relation firms, attorneys and marketing/operational consultants to create a long term, crafted solution to the precarious pitfalls of the massage therapy industry. We emphasize a revolutionary shift from transaction concentration to relational longevity. As we advise and teach our clients to put people before profits, the profits inevitably come in larger margins. Our model creates self sustaining results that benefit all involved well into the future.


Risk Management, Qualified Expert Witness, Interviewing & Hiring, Retention & Turnover Reduction, Quality Control, Brand Evolution, Profitability Optimization.

At Price Lindquist Consulting, we offer the services that will help your Spa offer a truly unique customer experience.


Our Risk Management & Expert Witness services can help protect you from lawsuits. While our Hiring and Retention services will help ensure that your staff is top notch.   


Learn more about our full range of services below. 


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648 Becker Ave 

Fort Mill SC, 29715

Tel: (843) 318-6939

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